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The Triple Robusta Collection

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The entire series consists of 100% single-origin Robusta beans from the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Blue Roast - The Roast of Culture 

A medium-dark profile - flavor notes are full-bodied, nutty, and highly versatile - portraying an authentic coffee taste typical in Vietnam.

Recommended brew methods are phin filter, drip, French Press, or espresso.

Yellow Roast - The Roast of Identity

A medium profile - flavor notes are bold, light-bodied, and hints of almonds with slight acidity.

Recommended brew methods are pour-over, drip, phin filter, or French Press.

Red Roast - The Roast of Culture

Our darkest roast - flavor notes are dark milk chocolate, roasted cashews with a bold and smooth body.

Recommended brew methods are phin filter, drip, or espresso.

Product Info

  • Type: Single Origin, 100% Robusta Beans
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Producer: Independent, Local Farmer
  • Region: Đắk Lắk Province