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Give someone the ultimate ROBUST gift this season!

Customize the perfect Fat Miilk coffee set! You can now choose from a variety of our roast profiles and the quantity of each roast (max of 3). This box will only include WHOLE BEAN coffee. If you're looking for ground coffee, please choose that box option under our product menu. 

If you know someone who loves variety in their day and appreciates a strong cup of coffee, this is the gift box you need! 

Yellow Roast 12 oz (medium)

The Yellow Roast is an ideal everyday coffee choice with a well-balanced flavor profile and slight acidity.

Blue Roast 12 oz (medium/dark)

The Blue Roast is our signature go-to for traditional Vietnamese coffee with lots of nutty, chocolaty notes.

Red Roast 12 oz (dark)

The Red Roast is our darkest, most aromatic coffee ideal for creations with milk and foams or in culinary applications.

Humility Blend 12 oz (medium/dark)

The Humility Blend is a mix of 50% Robusta beans and 50% Arabica beans. It’s perfect for any coffee lover who wants the best of both worlds - bold and nutty from Robusta, fruity and fragrant from Arabica.

For more coffee details, please visit the individual product page of each roast.