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Give the gift of HUMILITY x3 this season!

The Humility Blend is one of our bestselling coffee roasts. You can now save on three 12 oz cartons packaged in our beautiful gift boxes - perfect for the coffee lover who loves to share (or keep for themselves)!

In collaboration with Caphe Roasters, we developed a beautiful Robusta and Arabica ratio - a blended mix of 50% Robusta beans and 50% Arabica beans.

It’s ideal for any coffee drinker who wants the best of both worlds - bold and nutty from Robusta, fruity and fragrant from Arabica. The two beans exist in delicious harmony when the blend is appreciated straight black, with a little cream, or any way you like!

It’s so unique you can’t go wrong using any brew method.

For more coffee details, please visit the Humility Blend product page.