About Us

Our Story

start with coffee, then go beyond it #beyondthedrip®

We're Fat Miilk, a Vietnamese coffee brand built on sturdy grounds of integrity, courage, and a whole lot of caffeine. We love the noble grind of putting in the work and living for what sparks the soul. We all have dreams, and we want to be there for yours - in moral support, inspiration, and endless cups of coffee.

The process is a journey, and when it comes to our beans - you can double down on Fat Miilk. We specialize in the Robusta varietal, a bean with 2X the caffeine and twice the antioxidants, coffee more robust than your everyday joe. We trade directly and source ethically, paying extra attention to people and quality.

Fat Miilk is more than just great coffee; we encourage you to show up raw, do that thing, and leave something good behind you. In pursuit of creating change and doing life differently, we could all use a real friend -- we're the real deal, consider us family, fam. 

Our Coffee

directly traded, ethically sourced, honestly good 

We work with local farmers throughout Vietnam to vet and source the highest quality of organic green beans. With the support of our small team in Vietnam, we meticulously detail every step of the process from coffee farm to brewed cup. There is no third party and no aspect overlooked, allowing us to prioritize a fair and honest trade with local farmers.

Vietnam is the #1 producer of Robusta beans globally, and luckily, that's our specialty! If you love Robusta or never had it, you're in the right place. Your first time should be of the utmost quality - in taste and experience. From the coffee bean to our roasting process, we have a team of experts well-versed in drawing out the bean's natural flavors - nutty, chocolatey, bold, and full of character.

Only a handful of roasters specialize in Robusta, and even fewer coffee shops offer it. We want to change that and go #beyondthedrip®. With so much deliciousness rooted in Vietnam's coffee culture, it's only right the magic is shared with the world.