Please excuse our appearance while our website is under construction. In the meantime, get to know us. 


We're Fat Miilk, a Vietnamese coffee brand built on sturdy grounds of integrity, courage and a whole lot of caffeine. We love the noble grind of putting in the work and living for what sparks the soul. We specialize in the Robusta species, a bean with 2x the caffeine and antioxidants. We’re underselling it when we say our coffee is more robust (and delicious) than your everyday joe. We trade directly and source ethically, paying extra attention to people and quality.

The process is a journey and when it comes to your daily coffee ritual, you can double down on Fat Miilk. We’re more than just great coffee; we encourage you to show up raw, do that thing and leave something good behind you. We all have dreams, and we want to be there for yours - in moral support, inspiration and endless cups of coffee. In pursuit of creating change and doing life differently, everyone could use a true friend. Know that we're the real deal, so consider us family, fam.



We work with Vietnamese farmers to vet and source the highest quality organic green coffee beans. With your tasting experience top of mind, we touch on every step of the process from farm to cup. There’s no third party or middle (wo)man involved, because we make damn sure that we personally guarantee fair and honest trade with the farmers and straight fire coffee for our customers.

We’re well-versed in the science of Robusta coffee. Seriously - ask us anything. Our team can deftly draw out all of its delicious flavors while regaling you about the dope beginnings of Vietnamese coffee. The result of our signature brew process is coffee that’s nutty, chocolaty and bold all over - with tons of character sprinkled in. So whether you’re a Robusta stan or new to Vietnamese cà phê, you’ve landed in the right place.


Meet Lan Ho. Our fearless founder and Vietnamese coffee’s #1 fan. Lan is a Vietnamese American who followed her rags-to-riches immigrant father's wishes by pursuing a career in medicine…. only to get fired during COVID-19.

She responded to said firing (and low-key sign to follow a new path) by tapping into her passions instead of listening to the opinions of others. So, she put her credit card limit to good use and started Fat Miilk. Her idea was to blend her heritage, the hustle she inherited from her parents, and her unique individuality to create a fresh concept that was so desperately needed in our Starbucks-driven society.
The result? A one-of-its-kind coffee brand that introduces a modern take on Vietnamese Coffee to American sip culture. Not to mention, coffee that’s so tasty it practically slaps you in the face. Stick around to see what Lan will do next, we know we will.