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Fat Miilk Branding
The water buffalo is an integral and treasured extension of Vietnam's agricultural practice. They are symbolic of strength, loyalty, and prosperity. They're seen as family and treated as such, often a farmer's most valued possession.

Water buffaloes support locals at large and provide an economic contribution to advancing growth for generations. Their efforts play a significant role in the livelihood of Vietnam's farming community by generating tradable commodities and reducing the work burden on farmers.

The water buffalo in Fat Miilk's logo embodies their faithful spirit to humanity and tenacious work ethic. The head represents the traditional slow-drip phin, the coffee leaves make up the ears, and the beans are depicted as the eyes and nose. Every element is carefully crafted to honor a treasured member of the family.

At Fat Miilk, we hope to not only illuminate a sense of family within and beyond our reach, but we hope others will equally welcome Fat Miilk into their lives and make it a part of their home.

Fat Miilk logo overlaid on image of water buffalo