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How to Driip

Making coffee that slaps boils down to the technique, and a lil’ bit of flair. Our Robusta coffee hosts a strong, robust flavor that’s best served as the authentic Vietnamese coffee that it is - with the Phin drip.

Check out this guide to learn our tried-and-true process of making coffee that will leave you absolutely buzzin’. We’ll even give you a pro tip before you start: We recommend a 4:1 water:coffee ratio, as it provides maximum flavor extracted from the ground coffee. It’s best to have a moderately fine grind if using Fat Miilk’s Phin. Ok, well that was basically 2 tips. You’re welcome and happy brewing!

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What you need:

Fat Miilk Phin
Fat Miilk Ground Robusta Coffee
Hot Water

How to make:
  1. Bring water to a boil.
  2. Add 2-3 tablespoons of your ground Robusta Coffee to the Phin.
  3. Insert tamper and gently press down to even out the grinds.
  4. Place the entire filter on top of a cup.
  5. Pour enough water to just coat the grinds. Allow the coffee to bloom for 30 - 60 seconds.
  6. Now, fill the Phin with hot water to the rim.
  7. Allow the coffee to drip slowly. The process should last approximately 5 minutes.
  8. Add condensed miilk for traditional cà phê sũ’a đá, or enjoy with your favorite add-ons.

Sips perfectly iced or hot.

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