Our Mission

Fat Miilk is more than a coffee brand. It’s a condensed, bold challenge to miilk life for all it’s worth. We meet this challenge with swagger in our step, Vietnamese cà phê that slaps and an experiential take on the average coffee shop. Curious? We bet you are.

Miilk life for All it's Worth

Get to Know Us
Vietnamese Coffee Culture
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Directly traded, ethically sourced, honestly good.

We work with Vietnamese farmers to vet and source the highest quality organic green coffee beans. With your tasting experience top of mind, we touch on every step of the process from farm to cup. The result is coffee that’s nutty, chocolaty and bold all over - with tons of character sprinkled in. So whether you’re a Robusta stan or new to Vietnamese cà phê, you’ve landed in the right place.

I've Gotta Have It